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Other Works - Solo (click title for description)
Follows the ebb and flow of the jazz standard Willow Weep for Me in a lush dance evoking a summer day's lament. The character spins back through her past even as she struggles to get beyond it.
Portrays a woman at the physical and emotional edge of cabin fever. With an original score by Ken Pierson that incorporates the sounds of a piano that was left outside for a winter.
Solo Flight
Illuminates Amelia Earhart's love of aviation. The joy of gaining altitude and the peace found in the air are brought to light.
Slippery When Wet
An original electric guitar work by Joshua Geisler sends a dancer snaking through the air and along the floor in wheeled shoes.

Other Works - Ensemble (click title for description)
I Can't Not
Explores the irresistible urges to move, climb and fly. The dance is electrified by the live accompaniment of Joshua Geisler's atmospheric, up-tempo funk featuring keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums.
A commissioned solo piano score by Ken Pierson leads a trio of dancers through different stages of water from curving airstreams to oceans of ice to waves of flight.
By Chance
A quintet with five trapeze using an innovative music-dance collaboration that requires the dancers to follow the musicians. Random choreographic choices appear as each musician switches to a new music pattern and the trapeze-dancers are propelled into the next choreographic idea. The stage is electrified by the interdependent connection between the musicians and dancers. Composer Ken Pierson commissioned fugue is in the spirit of Terry Riley's classic composition, In C .