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private classes

  • trapeze dance
  • modern dance coaching

trapeze dance

Private low-flying trapeze class with julie ludwick

Private Lessons can be scheduled with Julie Ludwick as your Personal Trainer. These lessons can be geared for the type of workout you want including: A Meditative Workout, Core Strengthening, Increasing your Upper Body Strength, Adding Creativity to your weekly workout, etc. Times are available upon request. Contact Julie at for scheduling.

Pay in advance via Paypal by directing payments to:

Soundance Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 281 N. 7th St., 2nd Floor. Ring Buzzer #7
The Bridge for Dance in Manhattan, 2726 Broadway  New York, NY

Brooklyn Space: L Train to Bedford,(1 stop in from Manhattan) walk east down 7th St. towards the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Manhattan Space: 1 Train to 103rd Street/Broadway, walk north on east side of Broadway

Private Lesson Fees:

$100 for one hour with one person
$110 for semi-private hour with 2-4 people
$150 for semi-private 1 1/2 hours with 1-4 people
$175 for 2 hours

modern dance coaching

Ludwick offers private instruction and coaching in Modern Dance at the Dance Design School in Cornwall, NY.

The fee is $60 per hour for current Dance Design students taking 7 or more classes,
$70 for Dance Design students taking 1-6 classes, and $80 for non Dance Design students.

Contact Aggie Coyman at for scheduling.
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