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group classes

  • Low-flying Trapeze
    Dance in Brooklyn
  • Trapeze
    in Manhattan
  • Skinner Releasing
  • Modern Dance
  • Improvisation &
    Composition Classes

trapeze workshops with julie ludwick


Each year Fly-by-Night offers scholarships to adult dancers of color who wish to study Aerial Dance with the company. This FREE audition class brings together a community of dancers who that otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to try Aerial Dance. A number of students from the audition class are chosen for scholarships to study with the company through the year. The audition is held over the weekend of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. 

3-Week Low-Flying Somatic Improvisation Trapeze Workshop

This 3-session series introduces our blend of dance improvisation and low-flying trapeze. The 2-hour classes offer individual attention so basic skills are gained quickly and safely. Also recommended for those returning to aerial work after a hiatus and for advance aerial students who have not been introduced to the Skinner Releasing Technique.

Dates and Times:
     Jan 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 10
     Sundays 4:30- 6:30 pm
Workshop fee:
     $90 or Purchase Before Jan. 20 for only $75
     SPECIAL PRICE: Purchase Both Workshops by Jan 20 $210

3-Class Fee Options

5-Week Low-Flying Repertory Trapeze Workshop
Each 3-hour class begins with a Somatic Warm up and improvisational explorations that increase our movement vocabulary and tap into our creativity. The last hour is a repertory workshop that includes solo moves and flights which will increase our physical strength and musical skills while allowing us to move at our own pace.

Dates and Times:
     Feb. 16-March 16
     Saturdays 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Workshop fee:
     $200 or Purchase Before February 9 for only $160
     SPECIAL PRICE: Purchase Both Workshops by Jan 20 $210
5-Class Fee Options

All Classes at
Soundance Studio
@ 281 N. 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY

skinner releasing technique (SRT) 

This meditative movement technique is inspired by Eastern philosophy. Classes are designed to help students discover and let go of hidden tensions and feel physically at ease. Activities include guided poetic imagery that calms the whole self as well as hands-on tactile studies that help us to let go of tension. As tension drifts away our creative selves emerge and we find ourselves able to tap into a more improvisatory and flexible mindset. Classes are designed for movers of all kinds; students move as little or as much as they like and no experience is necessary.


modern dance classes

Ludwick teaches traditional modern dance with an emphasis on dropping the center of weight and movement that takes students off their vertical center to explore multiple spatial planes and levels. She incorporates her knowledge of Skinner Releasing Technique to enhance their understanding of proper alignment and performance presence.

improvisation classes

Ludwick has designed and taught college courses in Improvisation for both 2 and 4-year colleges as well as preprofessionals at private studios and summer dance programs. Students learn how to use improvisation to get in touch with their own movement impulses and to foster new movement vocabulary. Simple improvisation scores are introduced and explored through performance, viewing, and discussion as they gain in complexity. Discussions emphasize stating what the students see and how that connects with the movement score.

composition classes

Ludwick applies her training with Bessie Schoenberg, Nita Little, and Martha Meyers to her approach to composition. Students explore basic tools (theme and variation, time and music, space and effort) and apply them to short movement studies. They observe one another and learn how to discuss what they see. These classes often involve some aspects of improvisation in the beginning depending on the students' experience.