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"Julie Ludwick is . . .
a thoughtful, intelligent
—The New York Times

Fly-by-Night Dance Theater is a Modern Dance company that features the repertory of Artistic Director Julie Ludwick. The company and Ms. Ludwick specialize in a combination of Modern Dance and Aerial Dance. Now in their 12th season the company has produced several on-going programs including 8 Free-for-Kids Projects (FREE for anyone 18 and under), a FREE after school program at a NYC Public School,  7 New York City Aerial Dance Festivals featuring the works of guest aerial artists in full theater productions, and 12 seasons of Ms. Ludwick's work.

The company has performed at many venues and festivals in and around NYC including The Flea Theater, Pier 66, White Wave's Cool NY Festival, Chashama, and Performance Space 122.

Ms. Ludwick has developed a dancer's approach to aerial apparatus and continues to teach several workshops each year. The company has established a commitment to people of color as students and cast members, believing them to be vital to maintaining the diversity and health of the dance community and Fly-by-Night Dance Theater.